Bonneville Salt Flats Elopement Utah Retro


Playful Retro Elopement in Utah’s Salt Flats

Adventure Elopement

Thinking about having your adventure elopement in Utah? Imagine visiting a place that could surely serve as a setting for the most fantastical, epic, Star Wars-esque daydream. Such a landscape exists. The Bonneville Salt Flats, in Western Utah, are beautifully desolate. Intimacy is implied when another soul isn’t visible for miles- 300,000 acres of pristinely white salt to be exact. It’s hard to rule out running away with your love when this epic adventure elopement destination is a simple plane or road trip away. 10/10 would elope here.

Bonneville Salt Flats Elopement Utah Retro
Western Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats call on the nomadic of heart.

The retro styled adventure elopement in Utah, featuring Maddie and Brandon, was an unforgettable experience. They were the perfect combination of romantic and playful. Incessant giggles one minute- and steamy makeouts the next. Add in a vintage Ford Mustang (my FAV muscle car btw).. chef’s kiss.


“A Quick Guide to Visting the Bonneville Salt Flats” as prepared by VisitUtah from Utah Office of Tourism | Follow this link (,off%20Exit%204%20in%20Wendover.) for info such as:

  • When to vist
  • Where to stay
  • Maximizing experience while minimizing impact
  • Packing list
  • Travel tips
  • How to get there

My personal tips for your adventure elopement in Utah ‘s Salt Flats:

  • Sunset Elopement – YES PLEASE. Anytime of day is likely magical here, but the sun will sink behind low mountains to the West creating this delicious golden glow. Romantic much?
  • USE THE RESTROOM BEFORE LEAVING THE SHORE. ’nuff said here people.
  • Drop a pin with you phone to mark where you parked. This will help you navigate back to the shore later. (: LEAVE YOUR MAPS OPEN- cell service can be patchy depending on the carrier.
  • Seek out puddles (for lack of better word). You will take home the most EPIC reflection images. (see below)
  • Though the salt looks dry- it’s wet. Prepare to leave with wet salty feet. For me, I’ll do anything for the shot, so I left with with a wet salty everything. I became one with the salt. Pack towels and somewhere to remove messy shoes and clothing prior to leaving. I didn’t plan ahead and ended up with salty floor mats and seats.
  • INSECT REPELLENT – as with any outdoor location there is a risk for pests. Without any bug spray, I faired well, but I did wish I had some packed in hindsight.
  • …and as always- LEAVE NO TRACE. periodt.
said EPIC reflection image *two claps for mother nature*

Shooting here was an absolute dream adventure, and I’d love to do it again.. and again.. and again.. and.. okay, you get it. Does this seem like the perfect location for your ideal adventure elopement? Contact me here: I can’t wait to run away with you. Xx – Meg.


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