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photography services for the nontraditional & nomadic of heart.

The Investment.

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We'll be vibin' like Saweetie + Doja. I digress, but you've taken a look around NA photo, right? You've seen all the pretty people? What's their secret? UHM, hi! It me. I'm their hype-woman, confidence wizard, and guide to raw authentic moments. I will be yours too. Arriving feeling as awkward as Jessica Day with her wonky knee is completely normal, but I will have you leaving with Beyoncé level confidence. I'm your photojournalist, and my hot story? You. I will capture every belly laugh, hand in the hair, nose wrinkling smirk, twinkling eyes, lingering kiss, tender embrace, ope, I'm rambling again... My point, I strive to capture e v e r y t h i n g, because I want you to be able to relive and showcase EVERYTHING. 

Full disclosure, I'm really just trying be your new BEST FRIEND.

I will be more than just your photographer.

Still have questions? Let's schedule a clarity call or coffee date if needed. *Please note, I require all elopement/ microwedding clients to schedule an informal meet and greet, whether virtual or in-person, prior to booking. 

Step three:

Look for your timely response (at most 5 business days)

Step two:

Fill out my contact form and designate the photography service(s) desired

Step one:

Plan of attack. Now, this may not be much of anything at first, and that's okay! I am here to assist you with the details. Trust me, everything will fall into place. Once we're one to two weeks out, it's time to finalize everything and tie up any remaining loose ends. 

Step five:

BOOKED. This means the contract has been signed and deposit has been paid. Your date and time slot are officially safe, and the official planning can begin. 

Step four:

Wax nostalgic. AKA - DELIVERY DAY!. 
*delivery times of elopements/ microweddings are within 4-12 weeks. 
*delivery time for other services are within 4

Step seven:


Step six:

Let's break it down

"She clearly loves what she does and it shows it her gorgeous photos. She is flexible, and watches out for your best interests day of! She is easy to work with and helps bring peace to your photo shoot, as a mom that is so appreciated. And the pictures, I can’t even begin to describe her work, just beautiful!"

- Nicole

Megan is honestly the best photographer.

"I literally cannot praise her enough. She accommodated my late notice and unconventional request for an intimate home wedding, and WOW did she deliver. Unbelievable delivery in both quantity and quality. I can't fully describe how blown away by how wonderful she is and how stunning her photos are."

 - Markus + Emily

Megan is absolutely the best.

"I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how thankful we've been for your photos! They've captured so many of our special moments and for that, it seems thank you will never be enough! I'm so happy to see your hard work pay off! Crazy to think of all the special moments you've captured so beautifully forever!"

- Chelsea

thank you will never be enough.

"I've been shoving everyone the pictures you sent me and they are just as in love with your work as I am!! They want your information. Just wanted you to know how amazing you are! I am so happy I met you and that you decided to start your photography business! It's definitely what you were meant to do!"

 - Ellie

I am so happy.

"Megan is such a talented photographer! She chose the most perfect place for our family pictures. Definitely has the eye of an artist. She was very patient with our nutty gang. Life is uncertain, get those pics taken!"

- Tracey

Such a talented photographer.

"She made everyone feel so comfortable and was open to so many ideas we had. I would recommend her for anyone looking to get photos taken!"

- Aly

Loved working with megan.

"They're so good. I wish I could be in your brain for like a day. Never stop cause you're our forever photographer. I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THEM!!"

- Chelsea 

Literally in tears.